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Two essential Summer tips!

Photo by Leticia Azevedo

Hydration and SPF

A personal trainer in a Beaverton gym like FitPro Metro might tell you that if you increase outdoor activity to meet fitness goals for weight loss, athletic training, or other goals it is key to stay hydrated and protect your body with the proper SPF %.

A little SPF goes a long way

I can never be reminded enough because even SPF 15 can block out 93% of rays! While 100% is not yet possible, SPF 30 or 50 will go up to

97-98% of skin protection.


On a hot day especially (but also true on any moderate day) drink 2-2.5 cups before starting activity. About 1.5 cups during activity every 20 minutes, and 2-3 cups after. Water is the best option while sports drink aid a more intense or longer lasting workout or activity.

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